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February 17th, 2024

Our Home Studio

When your best friend in the industry, Mel Tata, asks you to capture her branding photographs, you know it’s going to be a unique and exciting project. The focus of this session was on using film photography to showcase Mel’s vibrant personality and passion for her craft. Held at our new home studio, we aimed to create a clean and visually appealing setting that would allow Mel and her film to shine. And what better way to infuse her personal touch than by incorporating her favorite food, a burrito, into the shot? Let’s dive into the details and explore how we captured Mel’s essence through branding photography shot entirely on film of course.

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Embracing the Power of Film Photography

Mel is known for her unique approach of shooting on analogue film, and for this branding session, it was no different. Embracing the distinct qualities of film, we wanted to create images that exuded authenticity, nostalgia, and a timeless appeal. Obviously, both Mel and I are film photographers, so we really had to go all out for her shoot. Through the use of film, we could add depth and richness to Mel’s photographs, truly reflecting her artistic vision that she shows all of her clients and getting shots that also looks amazing on her website, seriously have a peek!

Portraying Mel’s Beautiful Chaos

Mel’s my bestie, so you know I have to hype her up a bit! She is not just any other film photographer; she is a master storyteller with a camera. Her infectious energy, sense of humor, and dedication to her craft are clear in every project and couple she captures. Throughout the branding session, we aimed to capture the essence of Mel’s personality – the beautiful chaos and joy that she brings to her work and her clients’ lives.

By shooting in our home studio, we created a comfortable and intimate environment where Mel could freely express herself. This atmosphere allowed her vibrant personality to shine through, resulting in photographs that truly captured her unique vibe. Whether she was playing with film rolls, laughing, or taking a moment to enjoy a burrito, every image showed off Mel’s passion for her business and her genuine excitement for her work.

Showcasing Personalities: The Burrito Shot

To truly make this branding session a reflection of Mel, she wanted some shots with her favorite food: the burrito. Was this super random? Yes. But by doing so, we added a personal touch that not only showcased her love for burritos but also brought a sense of playfulness and authenticity to the session. This shot served as a reminder that branding photography is not just about portraying a professional image, but also about showcasing the individual’s quirks and passions. So, when you are planning for your branding shoot, think about how you can really show off your personality and create some photos people will remember you by. Maybe it’s a burrito, or maybe it’s your love for cats like me!

Film Branding Photography

Capturing a branding film session with Mel Tata Photography was an such a fun experience, especially in our own home studio! Mel’s dedication to shooting on film, combined with her vibrant personality and love for what she does, created fun and laid back branding photography for her. Through the use of film, we could infuse each shot with a laid back and artistic quality that truly reflected Mel’s style.

Remember, for branding photography, it’s important to go beyond just capturing a professional image. Highlighting the personality and uniqueness of the individual or brand sets branding photography apart. Embrace this opportunity to show off your personality through film photography that reflects your passion.

So, whether it’s enjoying your favorite food, showcasing your quirks, or simply being yourself, let your personality shine through in your branding photography, just as Mel did.


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