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Alright, here's the deal: We've divided this into two sections for you—
Super 8 and photography are separate, though most couples go for
both, which is awesome! Film is an investment, so just a heads up before
you dive into pricing. We get that not everyone can afford  film, and that's
more than okay :)

and Super 8



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Super 8 Wedding Films

Wedding Film Photography

We honestly believe Super 8 is the most genuine way to document a wedding day. Yes, we are biased because we filmed our own wedding ourselves on Super 8. Is that going to stop us from telling you how great it is? Absolutely not! 

We can’t wait to dive into photography packages with you because that's our bread and butter folks. Check out everything we have to offer for Weddings, Micro Weddings ( our favorite ), and elopements here.

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"We will cherish these photos forever."

From our first initial conversation with Dominique, she exuded warmth and authenticity; we instantly clicked. Throughout the process leading up to the wedding, both she and Javi were incredibly responsive, professional and flexible. It’s clear that they both take great pride and care in the work that they do, and want each client’s experience to be truly unique and special.

—Morgan + Glenn

"We will cherish
these photos forever."

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you already know that we are beyond ready to document and film your wedding on super 8, 35mm, 120, polaroids, and maybe even just a splash of digital photography.  AND if you ask super nicely we might even be able to shoot 16mm for ya, but that is on a case-by-case basis for those who truly appreciate cinema. 

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