meet your
husband and wife

meet your
husband and wife


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So you came here to hear our epic love story? Let me set the scene:

It’s the fall of 2019, location: Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Javi and I crossed paths, setting in motion a love story that took both of us by total surprise. Our first year together was a whirlwind of beautiful shared moments as we spent more time than I’d like to admit in the dark room. Under the soft glow of red lights, our connection grew stronger with each roll of film developed. We processed 35mm, 120mm, Super 8, and EVEN 16mm ALL BY HAND (for all of you film folks wondering… YES, we did remove the remjet painstakingly by hand lol).

Beyond the darkroom, we explored the city together, discovering hidden gems of favorite food spots and late-night movie showings in Downtown Crossing.

Our love story unfolded naturally, like a perfectly captured image, until the unexpected arrival of the pandemic. With the world shifting around us, we made the spontaneous decision to move in together, finding solace and joy in each other's company amidst the chaos. What began as just another situationship bloomed into a love that was both unexpected and undeniably real.

meet dominique


Okay, all shits and giggles aside, I’ve been doing this for a long ass time! Y’all I started my company in 2015 in high school and I’m beyond proud of myself for that. I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, but went back and forth to Quebec because that is where my family is. (Which is also why I’m bilingual in French and English!) 

The reason I put my heart and soul into what I do? It's crystal clear, babes—it ignites my very being! And beyond that, I'm deeply passionate about addressing the serious lack of queer and POC representation in the market. That's precisely why we're here, as a proudly queer and POC-owned small business, on a mission to rewrite that narrative.

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i'm obsessed with...


Pho is at the top of the list, the Minari SoundTrack composed by Emile Mosseri lives rent-free in my head, Avatar The Last Airbender ( the original animation obviously ), and call me a basic bitch but I love a beautiful sunset… it makes me feel like my loved ones who have passed on are watching over me.

I can’t leave the house without: 

Chapstick ( iykyk…. Priorities) 

Something you should know about me is that: 

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I have really severe ADHD! BUT I consider it a superpower. I was diagnosed at the age of 8 and I have learned to use it to my advantage. I thrive in large group settings and when I set my mind to something I can get ANYTHING done. Some have called me a chameleon of social situations, being able to adapt to any mood, energy, or vibe in a room. I’m VERY flexible when it comes to timelines ( as long as there is one haha! I do love a bit of structure ).

meet Miss Tux & Suki

They are our babies :,)  Miss Tux and Suki bring us so much joy and we love our cats. While they won’t be at your wedding we hope that you’ll get to love them from afar because they are as much a part of the Castillo Holliday Photo + Film fam as we are :).

meet javi


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You’ll rarely see me on calls but I will be there for your engagement session and wedding day. While I’m not front-facing in the business I’m very present behind the curtain doing a lot of the things you don’t see. 

I started my filmmaking journey in 2018. Outside of working with Dominique, I work full-time in the film/tv and commercial industry as a cinematographer and camera operator ( which I think is pretty cool ). I’m driven to make the media arts a more inclusive, welcoming, and accessible space. I’m often the only POC in the spaces I work in and I want to change that.

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i'm obsessed with...

a good milk tea, Pokémon (I resonate the most with Snorlax), Pupas & Corn Tamales… Clearly, there is a theme here.

I can’t leave the house without: 

Leatherman multitool

Something you should know about me:

I’m a bit quiet at first and shy around people I don’t know but, I quickly open up after a shared meal or a heart-to-heart.  

together, we've...

Merged friend groups and made new ones

Been to soooo many fucking weddings

Yours next! ;)

Moved a total of 4 times before finding our dream spot

Made a 30-min short film (and so many other projects)

Got married! (So... we get how personal it needs to be!)

IF YOU'RE STILL READING THIS, then clearly we're a


we might be overstepping, buuuuut.... 

You've done the work, read all about us, did a deep dive on our investment pages, and combed through our portfolio. I KNOW you are OUR kind of people. What are you waiting for? Hit that inquiry button babe! We are SO excited to meet you:,)

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