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May 11th, 2024

DeCordova Sculpture Garden & Our Home Studio

When Natalie and Jackson first reached out, I had a feeling we were about to embark on something truly special. Our connection with them was instant, and our style matched what they had in mind perfectly. Natalie and Jackson had their hearts set on film photography, and when they chose us, we just instantly clicked. We were all in sync and so excited to get the planning started for their engagement session. 

Crafting a Customized Experience

One of my besties Tori who is an unbelievable florist in San Diego had already been planning a creative shoot together for when she was in town visiting. What Tori and I had been planning aligned perfectly with what Nathaly and Jackson were looking for and the timing was perfect as well. As we continued planning their engagement session, we envisioned a day that truly spoke to them as artists and as a couple. Based on their vision board they had shared, we knew we wanted to do something creative at our home studio. We wanted every moment to be uniquely theirs, so we curated a special session. I had shown Natalie what we were already planning on doing with the draping of the fabrics. I’d asked them if they had any color preferences for overall and Natalie said something warm and so I ended up bringing in our red rug to the studio and draping this rust red, orange color in the backdrop, and we brought in some cool tones with the leaves, which Tori and I hand painted. I have to give Nathaly a huge shout out for creating the disco balls with their names in it! She hand carved these babies with a exacto-knife and they were the perfect accessory for the shoot.

The studio became a canvas bathed in warm hues and cool tones, evoking a sense of nostalgia and whimsy. It was like stepping into a time capsule back to the groovy 70s, complete with Polaroid cameras, disco balls, and oh, those outfits! The burst of color and personality was so fun to shoot.

Crafting a Customized Experience

Between locations, we made time for a little pizza break–I always like to have a moment between locations to recoup and see how my couple is feeling. I figured we might as well incorporate the pizza into the session since it’s one of their favorite foods to enjoy together. Once the pizza was delivered to the studio we got to shooting and I think those photos turned out so fun and showed off their fun personalities perfectly.

Natalie and Jackson brought an array of wardrobe options, showcasing their versatility and unwavering commitment to creating a visual narrative that truly reflected who they are — vibrant, multifaceted, and deeply in love. We let the day unfold at its own pace, savoring every second from the early morning light at the art museum to the serene afternoon hues. Time was on our side, and we made sure to capture the essence of their connection in its purest form.

Film Engagement Photographer

One thing that is so important to us is that every couple has a customized experience with us from their engagement session to their wedding. We want to help create your vision and bring it to life for your sessions with us, from location to wardrobe to the vibes you want your images to exude. No two couples are the same and we don’t think any two engagement sessions should be either. We don’t set time limits or restrictions over here. We take our time, get to know our couples, and enjoy our day of shooting together. 

Castillo Holliday Photo And Film

So buckle up, darlings, because this is just a glimpse into Natalie and Jackson’s love story, and we can’t wait to share the full session with you over on Pinterest!

Vendor Team:

Photo: Castillo Holliday Photo + Film, Insta: @castillohollidayphotoandfilm

Florist: Berry Blooms Floral Co., Insta: @berrybloomsfloralco

Locations: Castillo Holliday Photo + Film Private Studio & deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum,
Insta: @decordova_museum

Film Dev & Scan: Nice Film Club, Insta: @nicefilmclub


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