An All Film Engagement Session At The Montague Bookmill In Massachusetts


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Montague, Massachusetts

April 12th, 2024

When Fran and Jon approached me to capture their engagement session at the Montague Bookmill in Massachusetts, I knew it would be a truly special film session. Nestled in the scenic countryside, the Bookmill offers a unique and enchanting backdrop for any photography session. What made this engagement shoot even more special was that it was shot entirely on film. Join me as we delve into the reasons this location is perfect for an engagement session and to have a look at all the gorgeous film we shot of these two lovebirds!

The Magic Of The Montague Bookmill

The Montague Bookmill holds a unique charm that draws couples looking for an engagement session that reflects their personality and love story. The combination of its rustic, vintage-inspired atmosphere and its picturesque natural surroundings creates a perfect canvas for romantic and candid film photos. The old-world charm of the Bookmill, with its historic buildings, towering bookshelves, and meandering streams, provides the perfect location for those couples who don’t want a generic engagement session. Fran and John actually found us from one of our past film engagement session at the Montague Bookmill for Karissa and Piper (one of my favs!!) check out the full story here!

A Nostalgic Connection

These two had always envisioned this location to be the perfect setting for their own proposal, and as fate would have it, their plans aligned beautifully. They visited the Bookmill in 2014 and knew that was the spot they wanted to get engaged and have photos at. Luckily, Fran had a work trip in the Boston area, providing them with the perfect opportunity to fly out and create their vision.

The Beauty of Film Photography

As a film engagement photographer, I strive to capture timeless moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Shooting with film not only adds a unique aesthetic, but it also helps to convey the emotions and authenticity of the moment. The decision to shoot Fran and Jon’s engagement session entirely on film allowed for a deeper connection between the couple and being able to capture the love and excitement from the day, creating an unforgettable experience where every frame had feelings seeping through.

Fran and Jon’s All-Film Engagement Session

Fran shared with me their fond memories of visiting the Bookmill back in 2014. They described how the location has remained virtually unchanged over the years, accurately reflecting the memories they had treasured. Fran and Jon also made note that their pup Toby needed to be with them somehow. He played an important role in their lives and their relationship. So while Toby stayed home in Seattle, he was there with them, both on a mug and on a sweater that Jon had gifted Fran a few years back. Their beloved pup, Toby, played an important role in their lives and their relationship – to ensure their precious furry companion was still part of their special day.

Boston Film Wedding Photographer

As a husband and wife team, we live for moments like these. Shooting an all-film engagement session requires a delicate dance between expertise and artistry. Each frame is carefully composed, knowing that it holds a piece of Fran and Jon’s love story. We were lucky to capture the small, intimate moments that make their relationship unique and memories that will be treasured for years to come.

If a film engagement session at the Montague Bookmill is calling your name, we would love to help bring your dream engagement photography to life, babes! Learn more about us and our packages here!

Vendor Team:

Film Photography: Castillo Holliday Photo And Film, Insta: @castillohollidayphotoandfilm

Location: The Montague Bookmill, Insta: @bookmill


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