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May 6th, 2023

Montague, Massachusetts

For us, each couple’s love story is as unique as the next, and finding the perfect location to capture what our couples have dreamed up for their engagement sessions can be an exciting and sometimes a long journey. When Karisa and Piper inquired with us and told me what they were thinking of for their engagement photos I knew I needed to find the perfect place for them. Keep on scrollin’ to see the perfect location we found for these two and the romantic photos we created together at the Montague Bookmill in Massachusetts!

lesbian couple poses for engagement photos
lgbtqia+ engagement photos at The Montague Bookmill

The Quest For The Perfect Location

For Karisa and Piper, the search for the perfect engagement photoshoot location was a month-long adventure of us three sending location ideas back and forth. Karisa dreamed of a bookish atmosphere, while Piper longed for a touch of the outdoors and vibrant greenery. Balancing these two very different vibes was no small feat. After much back and forth, I stumbled upon a hidden gem that perfectly blended both visions: The Montague Bookmill. Their slogan, “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find,” couldn’t have been more fitting for this unique engagement session.

A Glimpse of Their Love Story

Karisa and Piper first met while studying music at Florida State University. Karisa remembers meeting Piper at a rush event for a music sorority they both wanted to join in January 2017. Piper was accepted into the sorority that semester, but Karisa didn’t join until October 2017, which is when Piper remembers meeting Karisa. They spent the next year and a half becoming such good friends that everyone thought they were dating weeks—or even months—before they actually were. They cherish the time spent getting to know each other and laughing well into the early morning hours, even when they had 8:00 AM classes the next day. It’s so sweet to hear how they prioritize communication and show their love to each other in different ways. Seeing it first hand as we took their engagement photos at The Montague Bookmill was special!

Exploring The Montague Bookmill

The Montague Bookmill isn’t just your ordinary bookstore; it’s a sanctuary for book lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. After spending time shooting romantic photos in the aisles of books, we couldn’t resist visiting the small shops and restaurants that surrounded it. Places like The Lady Killigrew café and the record store, Turn It Up!, were just around the corner. We grabbed some coffee and looked through the records that got us such candid and charming photos. We also ventured outdoors, surrounded by lush greenery, creating the perfect blend of both worlds for Karisa and Piper.

Perfect Timing & “Double Dates”

lesbian couple in bookstore during engagement photoshoot

We chose to visit in the morning right when they opened to avoid the mid-day rush! It’s always easier and more comfortable for my couples when there aren’t strangers watching them all day. It was the most gorgeous sunny day, so The Montague’ Bookmill’s gigantic windows had beautiful light pouring through them. We’ve recently shifted our approach to engagement sessions, making them longer and more open-ended. It’s less of a photo shoot and more of a relaxed “double date.” The result is carefree and authentic photos that capture our clients in their truest moments, just like how Karisa and Piper’s engagement photos turned out.

lesbian engagement photos at The Montague Bookmill

Castillo Holliday Photo & Film

Karisa and Piper’s engagement session was such a fun one for us at the Montague Bookmill, and we can’t wait to continue capturing their journey. Next year, we’ll have the honor of photographing their wedding at the Lyman Estate and trust us, we are counting down the days! If Karisa and Piper’s engagement session at The Montague Bookmill has sparked your imagination and you’re dreaming of your very own love story in photographs, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Inquire with us here so we can start planning your own session ASAP! 

lesbians kiss during Montague, MA engagement photo session

Vendor List:

MUA: Veronica Nunes and Esthetics, LLC, Insta: @veronicanunes_mua

Location: The Montague Bookmill, Insta: @bookmill

Café: The Lady Killigrew, Insta: @ladykilligrewcafe

Record Store: Turn It Up!, Insta: @turnitupnoho

Karisa’s Ring: Hera, Insta:

Piper’s Ring: Emily Chelsea Jewelry, Insta: @emilychelseajewelry

Ring Boxes: The Mrs. Box, Insta: @the_mrs_box

Film Lab: Darkslide Film Lab, Insta: @darkslidefilmlab


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