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May 7, 2023

Cambridge, Massachusetts

We had the absolute best time photographing Emily and Sharon’s engagement session in Harvard Square! Let me tell you, these two brought all the love and fun to the camera. They were giggling and so easygoing the whole day! When we were planning their session, there was one place that Emily and Sharon absolutely had to visit – Felipe’s Taqueria. And let me tell you, Javi and I are all about capturing those unique and special moments, so we were on board with their choice right away!! We’ve been shifting to longer, story-telling engagement sessions, so we happily added more locations to capture their love journey.

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How They Met

Now, let’s dive into how Emily and Sharon’s love story began. Emily first remembers meeting Sharon at their grad school orientation in 2016, at a campsite near a dock where they were all swimming in the pond. It was a brief encounter, but what’s funny is that Sharon doesn’t remember it at all! Fast forward to May 2017, they had their first real conversation at Felipe’s in Harvard Square, after their first year of grad school. Tequila shots may have made the specifics hazy, but the connection was real. Emily bravely made her move, but Sharon turned her down. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions for Emily, who spent the next year and a half avoiding Sharon in embarrassment. But fate had other plans, and in November 2018, they reconnected at a Friendsgiving at Sharon’s house. After a few months of figuring things out, they’ve been together ever since!

LGBTQIA engagement photos, Lesbian engagement photos, Harvard Square engagement photos, Film engagement photos, Castillo Holliday Photo & Film, New England Photo & Film
LGBTQIA engagement photos, Lesbian engagement photos, Harvard Square engagement photos, Film engagement photos, Castillo Holliday Photo & Film, New England Photo & Film

Locations that Hold Meaningful Memories

One of the locations we suggested was Mount Auburn Cemetery, and guess what? It turned out to be a meaningful spot for Emily and Sharon, as they often take walks there and have their own memories in that serene and nature-filled place. Talk about perfect timing – it’s like we were meant to capture their love story in a spot that held importance to them. And let’s not forget their alma mater, Lesley University! We made sure to whisk them away to their beloved campus, with its lush green surroundings, to capture their connection to their roots.

Harvard Square Engagement Photos

For their Harvard Square engagement photos, Emily and Sharon told us they adore color and patterns. Their outfits were so colorful and bright, they popped on camera so well! So, we made sure to find ring boxes that matched their vibrant personalities and echoed their stylish outfits. The cherry on top was ending the night with a visit to Felipe’s for some delectable burritos. Can you imagine the joy of reliving those wonderful memories while chowing down on delicious food? It was the perfect way to wrap up their engagement session in a truly personal and meaningful way. Let me just say, these two were an absolute dream to work with. They were so relaxed and made our job feel like a breeze. We just love photographing all kinds of love, and this engagement session holds a special place in our hearts. We are honored that it was featured in Dancing With Her.

Castillo Holliday Photo And Film

We can’t emphasize enough how important it was for Emily, Sharon, Javi, and me to create an engagement session that helped truly represent their love and their story. We believe in capturing real and authentic moments, and with this incredible couple, we found pure magic. Documenting LGBTQIA+ love stories is super important to our business. As a queer photographer, it has always been very rewarding to work with other queer couples and document their joy.

So, my friends, I invite you to keep on reading and immerse yourself in the captivating love story of Emily and Sharon. And of course, feast your eyes on more gorgeous photos from their unforgettable Harvard Square engagement session. Trust me, there are moments you don’t want to miss!


Are you ready to dream up your own magical engagement session? Because we are dying to capture other couple’s unique love stories and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you envision a romantic stroll through your favorite neighborhood, revisiting meaningful locations, or exploring new places together, we are here to bring your vision to life. Our film photography style adds an extra touch of timeless beauty to your engagement photos! Inquire with us here when you are ready friends!


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Restaurant: Felipe’s Taqueria, Insta: @felipestaqueria

Ring Boxes: The Mrs. Box, Insta: @the_mrs_box

Film Lab: Darkslide Film Lab, Insta: @darkslidefilmlab


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